We are a premium cleaning company in Lebanon. We provide, cleaning services for apartments, offices and corporate environments, shopping malls, stadiums, clubs, hospitals, buildings and any large area facility. We also provide complementary services, such as windows cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, pest and rodent control, stewarding and more. Bringing together more than 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry.


All Netto Clean agents are trained by a specialized team, then assessed, then constantly followed up by our supervisors to ensure their quality of work is continuously up to our standards.
From detergents to machinery, all are available and in great working order to secure the needs of any service. There is no need for you to worry about providing the material for the job you need. We are more than ready and capable. Our machinery is constantly maintained and all our detergent suppliers are ISO certified.


All our absentees are replaced within the first two hours, so you never have to worry about being understaffed.
We also provide our employees with the correct uniforms for the task at hand.
We chose our employees based on their own personal hygiene, cleanliness, and skills. They are then trained by specialized teams to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. We also perform monthly follow-up procedures and inspections forms for every agent.


We go to any length to make sure you are comfortable. Our staff members have all obtained their legal paperwork, and are insured for work accidents for their, and your, safety. Our diligent supervisors are also available around the clock to respond to any emergency.


Netto Clean is all about the environment, and therefore we highly believe in creating eco-friendly spaces by recycling and using eco-friendly products whenever we can. As more institutions become aware of the importance of eco-friendly products and services, we strive in staying informed to the latest methods and procedures to maintain an organic work ethic.


The world is fast evolving, and the change cascades into every aspect of our lives, particularly our surroundings. We believe in staying up-to-date with innovative forms of conducting our operations. Our efforts include installing GPS Tracking Systems in our trucks to determine their distance and time range in reaching your premises. Our efforts also include constantly being on the sure for innovative methods and products to aid in our services.